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Wer malen lernen will, muss erstmal einige grundsätzliche Entscheidungen treffen. Soll es richtung Ölgemälde gehen oder lieber Arbeit mit Acryl.

Ich kann diese Entscheidung niemandem abnehmen, also probiert beides ruhig einmal aus. Vielleicht in einem Kurs oder so.

Was Acryl betrifft so kann ich sagen: Gönnt euch gutes Material und gute Farben. Wer knauserig ist, hat weniger Spaß damit und gibt eher auf.

More companies invest in Germany

Viele interessieren sich ja dafür, wie es so um die europäische Wirtschaft steht, hier ist ein Artikel dazu:

For many firms, Germany is the best place to start if they are looking for a way to enter the European market. Being in the very center of the European Nations, Germany is still one of the most important countries when it comes to infrastructure and political influence. A company can also benefit from various advantages of this European country when they establish their permanent establishment or their branch office.

One of the biggest advantages is to build up a financial infrastructure that can handle all payments that the company is likely to encounter while trading in the country or across the border with other European countries. This can make dealing with taxation issues easier, as well as making sure to comply with the statutory rules in Germany.

Every company that wants to enter the EU market knows, that taxation is especially complicated in Germany and must be dealt with sooner or later. One of the best ways to get the stones rolling is to search for a German financial accounting firm early in the process. German experts have specialized in helping foreign firms establishing their branch offices and take them step by step through the process.

The first step is to find the perfect location in Germany. The country offers many clusters of high-tech industry firms and areas with highly efficient economical infrastructure and a pool of highly skilled workers, while other cities might offer monetary or tax advantages to grow the industry around them. Finding the perfect location is just as important as choosing the optimal legal form for the business.

Germany allows firms to choose between various legal forms – some are very similar to those that can be found in the USA or that fit an international standart, but others are unique in their properties. Every legal form offers different advantages when it comes to taxation and their duties regarding reporting and the business and employment law.

Every foreign business that wants to start a business in Germany should at least once consult with a German expert for both legal services and financial accounting as these consulting firms offer the expertise of both worlds and can help you to find the legal form that allows you to reap most of the tax and business law related advantages.

Good firms also offer you services to outsource your financial accounting department completely and hand in all required form to the local tax authority as well as making sure your company complies with the tax law from the first day you start your permanent establishment – and then grow it according to your goals when you enter the markets of neighbouring European countries.

Dann wollen wir mal hoffen, dass Deutschland noch lange als Wirtschaftsstandort bestehen bleibt!